How to Choose a Website Color Pallet

Tips for choosing a color pallet for you website, the meaning of colors for branding, the importance of a website color pallet for your brand identity

Every element of your website is a representation of your brand identity, mission and lure to your target audience. Your website color pallet is the glue that holds these elements together. Deciding on the right colors will set the tone for your site and your brand. It will also greatly contribute to your overall digital marketing.

The importance of color for branding

The type of colors that you choose to use for your website is going to be extremely important. Not only is this going to be one of the most powerful ways for you to engage your audience, but it’s also going to help create an identity that truly stands out from the rest.
Some brands are able to create an outstanding level of recognition by using colors alone. For example, you are very likely to associate the colors red and yellow with the MacDonald’s fast food chain. This is one of the best examples of how a color pallet and branding can become such a powerful thing in business. The power of the pallet you choose is larger than you imagine and it makes a significant difference in your engagement.

How Colors Affect Emotion

Every color has a certain type of emotion that is attached to it. For example, red means energy and urgency, while blue is more likely to make people feel a sense of security and trust. Green is quite popular too, it’s associated with wealth and nature.
With those examples in mind, it makes sense that we are likely to see business ventures choose their colors based on what they are offering to their potential clients. Blue is perfect for a law firm, and green is optimal for a financial institution. These are not rules that are etched in stone. However, using the right kind of colors for your niche can have a very powerful impact in your engagement.

Important Things to Consider for you Website Color Pallet

The gender and the age group of your target audience is also going to be very important. You typically don’t see a brand for baby toys choosing colors like back and dark brown. They will usually go for colors that inspire trust and creativity such as yellow and purple.
You also need to consider the number of colors that you plan to use. Two colors are a common standard but three colors are also quite good in some cases. The main thing is for you to make sure that the colors you choose are representing your products or services properly. It’s also important that your colors are complementary to each other and provide a seamless experience.

Final Thoughts

Colors are extremely important for your brand. Your website, and brand, color pallet sets the tone for your business. It lets clients know what your brand is about, and establishes your brand identity. Putting some effort into your color pallet will also help your marketing. Your website colors will be the first impressions on your potential clients and have a lasting effect.

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